Greetings from Scriptscene!

Though no woman is an island, founder Neringa Bryant first envisioned an RWA® chapter tailored to screenwriting in 1988.  Neringa knew that, unless one had a WGA card, there were no support and education organizations for screenwriters.  Her goal was to offer tools to both aspiring screenwriters and novelists to help them write more visually.  In August 1999, Neringa and co-founders Victoria M Johnson and Donna Caubarreaux launched RWA® chapter #185: Scriptscene — Screenwriting with an Edge of Romance. 

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Scriptscene members write the full gamut of fiction and nonfiction — romance in all its sub genres along with women’s fiction, young adult, children’s books, mystery, poetry, short stories, stage, screen and teleplays … and the list goes on.  In addition to applying screenwriting techniques to novel writing, members are writing original screenplays, and adapting both their own published books and unpublished manuscripts for the screen.

As an Internet chapter, Scriptscene holds an annual meeting during the RWA® National Conference featuring speakers in both the television/ film and publishing industries.

  • A Listserve (Yahoogroups loop) where members exchange questions & answers, post info about screenwriting and publishing opportunities, classes, contests, etc.
  • The “Romancing the Script” screenwriting contest judged by industry professionals
  • Scriptscene Fast Track Workshops, most of which are free to members
  • Access to the Hollywood Creative Directory on-line
  • The chapter’s quarterly newsletter ReWrit
  • A Movie Database resource
  • An Annual Meeting with workshops by industry speakers
  • A critique group and Book/Script in a Week programs are under study

NEW – President Jamie Livingston Dierks has set up chats with industry professionals — check out Scriptchat. Info is on our loops.

Want to know us better?  Browse our website, let us know if you have questions, then come join one of the fastest growing chapters in RWA®!

It’s all about the writing…

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